Georges Remy

Georges Remy is a young Vigneron, calm and full of good intentions. He began working part-time for his family vineyard in 2005 and at the same time successfully developed a small service company for other wineries. This will prove, according to Georges, the key to speeding up the process of experimentation and learning in the relationship with the vineyard. Thanks to the comparison with other Vignerons and to the increasingly convinced approach towards more sensitive and sustainable vineyard working techniques, starting from 2011, when Georges takes over the reins of family business, he definitively abandoned the use of any herbicide of a chemical nature, fully embracing the dictates of organic and biodynamic agriculture

The vineyard, which covers 4.6 hectares, is certified organic from 2015. Most of the vineyards are located in Bouzy and a small part in Tauxieres, a place that is characterized by the presence of dark clay soils rich in silica and plaster. In addition to the traditional treatments provided for by the organic disciplinary, Georges also uses herbal treatments as well as some biodynamic preparations, in order to minimize the use of sulphites in vinification.

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